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  1. Jason Boonstra

    Good Day, what is the best way to store/protect Battle Beasts? Most action figures I keep in the individual clear plastic clamshell style cases. I notice some keep them in baggies. I’m concerned about paint loss from rubbing because of their soft rubber make up.

    One more thing… Are these still available in Japan?

    Thank you for your time, Jason Boonstra


    1. Eddxc Post author

      It depends really,I store mine in baggies then have all the bags in a big clear box. I keep all the weapons separate in another tub but it’s up to you really. I guess you could have paint lose if figs are bumping around in a plastic case. If you mean can you still buy Battle Beasts and Laser Beasts in Japan sort of mainstream then god no,but they do have them in a lot of Vintage toy shops there Mandarake Nakano,Akihabara and Shibuya had a lot both times I’ve been to Japan in the last year or so mostly Nakano Broadway though.



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