Collector Limelights

Here we are going to showcase serious Beastformers collectors. Get to know the way they collect,when they started,how they display and tons more! Carp Attack By EDDXC Interview One – Part One – with the Killer Carp Guy (Jonny Pac) ED – First up, do you want to introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from etc? JC- Greetings! My name is Jonathan Pac Cantin; I go by “JonnyPac”. I live in the Gold Country part of northern CA. I’m an artist, musician, and board game designer.

Carp Bowl ED- Ok, so… Battle Beasts- when did you first discover them? 16 SDs JC- I found out about Battle Beasts back in 1986 when they hit the market here in the states. I saw the TV trailer first, then my friend Joe, got a two-pack with the Toad and Gator. He called me up and told me about them, and then brought them over later. We played with them all day. I recall that we thought it was funny and cool that the toad had a big drill for a hand. DSCN5057 ED- Do you remember much about different stores that stocked them in your area? game and BBs 055 JC-The Placerville Raley’s had them; that’s where my friends and I bought most of ours. I recall I was able to save enough change to afford myself a two-pack every week or so—I want to say that they were only about $3 per pack! Kmart and the other bigger department stores had them too; they had the playsets and vehicles that Raley’s lacked. Then, of course, Toys ‘R’ Us had everything. But the closest store was in Sacramento—a long drive away, which required a lot of begging to get in to. Picture 056 ED- How complete was your childhood collection? JC- I had quite a few—maybe 60. I got them as gifts and so on. Over the years I absorbed my friends’ collections when they grew out of them—something I never did really. At some point while the offer was valid, I mailed away for the poster. I still have it, though the edges a little rough and torn.

Carp Filled

Did you ever take your beasts outside or away with you? DSCN4993 I took my Battle Beasts everywhere with me. Literally. I had a little backpack that I kept them in at all times. My mom used to say that it was “glued to my back”. I played with them in the dirt, in tree forts, by the lake, you name it. DSCN5004 ED- What are some of your fondest Beast memories?  JC –I have too many fond memories to post here. But I’ll say that when times are tough, I look back on those days, and feel a bit better about things in general. They have a strange hold on me. DSCN0555 ED- Now real talk- when and why did you start recollecting BB?

13 PAC'S War Monsters  JC- As a young adult, I gave away many of my childhood toys—Transformers, MIMP, X-Men, etc. But I kept all of my Battle Beasts. They were pretty beat up with missing rubs and brittle weapons, but I never was willing to part with them. They were somehow more special to me than anything else.

Picture 066 I was going though a pretty dark period in my early 20’s. Life was bumpy and felt pretty meaningless sometimes. But I kept having reoccurring dreams of epic adventures. And in these dreamscapes, I would often find hidden treasures. These treasures were always Battle Beasts that I didn’t have. I’d wake up feeling invigorated—yet distressed that I did not actually have the figures in my waking life. bbs11 024edit Then in the mid-2000’s came ebay and the forums that are now known as LittleRubberGuys (originally Beastformers). I began filling in the figures to complete my set of 76. And then I discovered variants, Laser Beasts, premiums, Bestias de Combate, SDs, Greeks, and so on. I was hooked.



ED- Do you still have any original BB from your childhood? 14 PACS Beastformers JC- Though I traded and sold some off, I kept quite a few pieces from my original childhood collection. As I became more serious, I upgraded most of my play-worn figures to ones in near-mint condition.

01 PAC'S Beastformers

After some 15 years MIA, I found my first ever figure, Gruesome Gator. I lost it in a field as a kid and thought it was gone for good. I keep it on display with the rest though it is a little sun-faded. Picture 060 ED- What does your collection look like at present?


JC-  My present collection fills several bookshelves in my house. It’s up front and center. When people first enter, they are often bewildered. I keep it loosely organized by series and type, etc. I have a decent amount of MOC and MIB stuff from around the world too. I think the old school toy packing designs are pretty nifty. ED- How did you decide how you wanted to display your collection? Toys and Games 004 JC- I like to have them loose—not behind glass or bagged. Sometimes walk by and tinker with them when I’m home doing chores and such. As my collection grew, my display area grew. The biggest addition was when I got all of the new Beast Saga figures a couple of years ago. 02 PAC'S Beastformers ED- How did you collect? Did you buy in bulk or like just pick up BB here and there? 04 PAC'S Beastformers JC- I bought several mixed lots on ebay to highgrade some basic figures and weapons. Then I bough some complete singles to fill in the gaps. One ebay seller suggested I join the forums to get in on the buy/sell/trade action. That’s where I was able to get all of the final weapons and variants to complete my basic series 1-3. 15 PACS BeastformersThe Killer Carp Guy – Jonny Pac Part Two. Carp Pond When did you decide to also collect LB? Was it just pretty much after you were done with BB 1 – 3?

06 PAC'S Beastformers 

After my series 1-3 were 100% done, I got the first 12 Laser Beats (marketed as Shadow Warriors in the US). I bought all 12 complete at once for around $200. Then I bought Skybat from a member in Japan with its chariot—my first “high number LB”. From there it was a slow climb to a complete 112 set + weapons, vehicles, and all. Sometimes I’d have to wait six months for a figure to pop up at all. There is no rushing a 112 set! I don’t have any rare colored drills or the six original Euro shields—that’s where the price per unit seems too much for my taste. 09 PAC'S Beastformers

What are some of your rare pieces or grail pieces in your collection?

 BDC Carp 003

I just added my big Holy Grail piece to my collection: the yellow-eyed Killer Carp Bestias de Combate variant. Since I’m kinda known as “the Killer Carp guy” with well over 30 of the figure loose, MIB, and MOC, I’m aiming to have all of the known variants. I have the clear box-set, striped, gumball, magenta, BDC, SDs, TGB customs, several Greeks, etc. Right now I’m looking for a Green SD Carp and a few more Greek colors with matching arms to finish it off.

Clear Pond Carps

Who were the some of the hardest to track down?

Picture 047 

Some high # LBs were pretty tough to get—especially with weapons. But the hardest to find were the Spanish-made Bestias de Combate. I just completed my set of 28 figures + the above-mentioned Killer Carp variant. My collecting partner in the EU has been great for finding them in Europe for me. With poor quality pics all over the internet, it’s really difficult to know when you’re getting a legit BDC variant or just a standard figure. Having him sift though them and send comparison pics was quite a windfall. Networking is key for the ultra rare stuff. 11 PAC'S Beastformers What are your favorite Foreign Beasts? Boxed Takara, Greek etc?

 Picture 057

I really dig the Shield Battler boxed set. When a forum member in France made reproductions of the six rare Euro Shields, and a big series of custom shields (one for each figure that did not have an original shield design), I was really delighted. Having all of my Laser Beasts displayed with shields looks pretty awesome—though some Hasbro/Takara “purists collectors” might disagree on principle. HighLaserShields  And what’s your favorite packaging?


I have two Greek buckets. They are unusual and interesting. Each tub has three figures in it with weapons, stickers, and paper guide to the figures. The lids match the plastic color of the figures within; I have a pink and metallic blue sets.


You are also a fan of BB and LB photography. When did you decide to start snapping them?


I think it’s a lot of fun to bring my figures outside and take pics of them in little battle scenes, much like the old Hasbro/Takara promo materials. I did a series of black and white art shots in the mid-200’s too. The one of the hen about to peck my Rowdy Rooster is my favorite.


Have you ever been over to Japan and plucked Beasts off the shelves? I got the chance to in the summer and it was epic to see BB and LB in the wild.


I have not been to Japan. At this point it would be unlikely that I’d find much that I am looking for. Perhaps I’d to better in Greece!


What are your Top 5 favorite BB? Bootleg Carps Killer Carp, Ferocious Tiger, and Gruesome Gator for sure… Then I go back and forth with a few others. I really like most of them, in fact. They are one heck of a solid toyline.

GBB Carps

 And top 5 favorite LB?

08 PAC'S Beastformers

I was pretty excited to get Sea Panic, the whale Laser Beast. But now that I have all of them it’s tough to pick just five—they are all pretty amazing. Though I might say that the monkeys are some of the weaker ones—especially when competed to Skybat, Slag King, and Dino Gator, etc.

 Picture 051

Thanks! JonnyPac



Interview #2 Bradley (bachmn) Chamness


First up, do you want to introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from etc? My name is Brad. I live in Southeast Missouri and I’m currently working in medical instructional design. I love photography, stand-up comedy, travelling, 80’s pop-culture, and all things Beastformers. bb_boxes-group_01 Ok, so… Battle Beasts- when did you first discover them? It’d have to be when they were still being sold in stores, though I don’t actually recall receiving them. I don’t even remember even having many figures at first, but I know I was obsessed with the ones that I had and once I realized they were gone collecting them turned into a life-long obsession. bb_group-phoenix-base_01 Do you remember much about different stores that stocked them in your area? I seem to remember my family shopping at Venture pretty often around that time, so it’s likely the ones I had came from there. Based on the variety of price stickers I’ve seen on cards it seems like they were sold at a wide range of stores. In addition to the usual toy and big box stores, I’ve seen price stickers for Ben Franklin, Kroger, and Sears just to name a few. bb_carded-group_01 How complete was your childhood collection? My first phase of collecting Beasts ended around 1996. At that time I believe I had somewhere around 20 beasts, a tiger chariot, and a deer chariot. Pretty humble, but before the Internet was a thing my collection was the largest one I had ever seen. One way or another I convinced all of my friends to trade me every Beast they still had around at that time. bb_group-shocking-shark_01 Did you ever take your beasts outside or away with you? Of course. Actually, when I was in fourth grade I got in trouble more than once for bringing my Beasts to school and playing with them during class. I’d put my backpack on the desk, prop the flap open, and play with them inside like it was a cave or something. The last time I got caught the teacher confiscated them, so fearing the loss of my beloved collection I didn’t bring them to school after that. These days I still take Beasts out with me sometimes, but usually for photo shoots. I took Sea Panic with me to the beach a few years ago, and I’ve always got a few sitting on my desk at work. bf_profile-sea-panic_02 What are some of your fondest Beast memories? I was pretty young when they were released, but I have a specific vivid memories of playing out an epic battle between the Elephant and Frog in my mom’s flowerbeds at that age. I also remember freezing Beasts into ice cubes and throwing them into the pool to watch them float around and diving after them when they’d sink. Not sure how I originally got that idea, but it was fun! When I was about 12, my brother and I came up with an idea to make a Street Fighter 2-style Battle Beasts video game. We worked with a friend and came up with a whole concept to pitch to Capcom, like we were sure they would have to take it if we could get it to them somehow; the idea was simply genius. We didn’t know the names of any of the characters so we just made up our own and created character profiles for each Beast I owned at the time, complete with color portrait sketches, back stories, and a list of special moves (with necessary joystick/button combos, of course). We used the figures as models to demonstrate each move we’d come up with, or to determine what their weakness would be. Good times. bb_group-variants_01 Now real talk- when and why did you start recollecting BB? I’ve technically been after Beasts since I found out they were canceled back in the 80’s. Somehow it never occurred to me to ask for more at first; I had my elephant, frog, deer, and tiger, but when I put it together that getting more was an option I put in a Christmas request and waited for the day. I remember being completely disappointed when there weren’t any under the tree, and even more crushed when my parents told me they checked everywhere and couldn’t find them anymore. I was so determined to get more that for the next few years I’d ask them to check the toy department any time we’d go shopping. Just in case there would somehow be some old stock. Eventually I gave up, but I never forgot about it. I still have dreams where I’m walking through department stores, on the same search for Beasts I’ll never find. lb_group-closeup_02 Do you still have any original BB from your childhood? I still have a few of them, but unfortunately they all got mixed in with purchased lots and I didn’t think to identify which ones were my originals. I do know that I still have the Elephant I mentioned playing with as a kid. His hammer came off a long time ago and was replaced with a small brass hook so I’ve always been able to identify him. He’s been hanging from a chain around my car’s rearview mirror since I pulled my Beasts out of storage a few years ago. bb_boxes-group_02 What does your collection look like at present? •1-76 Battle Beasts complete M/NM •77-112 Laser Beasts complete, M/NM •all but one of the generally accepted BB/LB variants •22 of the LB trading cards; ~20 BB trading cards •3 BB chariots sealed in Japanese boxes •3 playsets complete in Japanese boxes •3 LB chariots complete in Japanese boxes •Sunburst Warrior set complete in Japanese box •Clear Carp set complete in Japanese box •BB vs. LB set complete in Japanese box •One of each Beastformers single figure boxes, A-F  and 2 “jungle” variants,  8 assorted LB boxes •24 Mexican bootlegs •4 Spanish bootlegs •5 Greek bootlegs •15 Russian BB’s, (new Technolog figures and vintage BB bootlegs) bb_KO-group_02 lb_group-lower-12 How did you decide how you wanted to display your collection? Well, since my current display isn’t exactly how I’d like it, I guess you could say I decided out of necessity. I’ll just describe how I’d like it to look eventually instead. I plan to get some detolf display cabinets or something similar for individual figures as I have them displayed now, but with each LB figure displayed next to their trading card. I’ll also mount some long shelves on the wall above the cabinets for the boxed pieces. Currently I have most of my collection on a large black bookcase, with two smaller sets of shelves on either side for everything that wouldn’t fit and for the rest of my LRG collection. All of my boxes pieces are presently in storage for lack of space. lb_boxes-group_01 How did you collect? Did you buy in bulk or like just pick up BB here and there? As a kid I’d buy them on the rare occasion they’d turn up at flea markets or antique stores, but when I started re-collecting a few years ago I began by going after individual figures I was missing on eBay, starting with the ones I liked more. After a few purchases I got a little wiser and started buying lots to get the price per figure down a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t discover the LRG community until I was mostly done completing my 1-76 collection. When I started getting into the Japanese stuff and LBs, I would buy auction lots when I could but often even the Japanese market prices would get too high to be considered without taking a financial risk.  More than once I won auctions for one or two LBs I was missing and ended up with a bunch of spares I’d need to sell or take a significant loss. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone currently pursuing a LB collection: take your time and try not to be impulsive; patience will pay off. I’m sure I overpaid for a few items early on because I was worried I’d not get another chance to buy it again, but the opportunity always came up again within a few months. I think it’s easy for the actual scarcity to be embellished, especially to someone relatively new to the LB market. That’s not to say they aren’t rare, because they surely are compared to many other 80’s lines, but I feel like it’s not as impossible as it’s sometimes made out to be. bb_KO-russian-greek-canadian_01 When did you decide to also collect LB? Was it just pretty much after you were done with BB 1 – 3? Exactly; after spending a few months hunting down the last BB weapons I needed, I started looking into the Laser Beasts. I knew they came with much higher price tags so I convinced myself I’d only go after the lower 12’s, despite all the warnings that I’d end up wanting the rest after getting them. Ha! I sure showed them! Oh, wait… lb_group-closeup_01 What are some of your rare pieces or grail pieces in your collection? One of my favorite pieces isn’t really all that rare, but to me it’s one of the must-have pieces in my collection so you could call it a grail. It’s a carded Battle Beasts S1 Frog/Elephant 2-pack, which was the same duo I remember playing with as a youngster so I’m sure it’s the first pack I ever owned. Something else that stands out to me is the confirmation letter that Takara sent out for recipients of the Stone Cobra mail-away figure. I really like paperwork, ads, and other pieces of documentation for vintage toy lines, so this is right up my alley. It’s printed in green ink on very thin rice paper. I have plans to eventually get it mounted and framed alongside the two halves of the Stone Cobra tablet. I’m also very proud of having all 12 of the Shield Battler LB figures; they really look great all geared up and displayed together. bb_carded-elephant-frog_01 Who were the some of the hardest to track down? The last three LBs I actually just got my hands on last month. They were Hustlebear, Skybat, and Kickback (all boxed), but I can’t say this means they were last because they were the hardest ot track down; it was largely due to personal priority and the timing of availability. It’s also worth considering that I was only pursuing complete M/NM figures, which often meant getting them boxed, and in the chariot figures I only if they were also in M/NM boxes so that narrowed the candidates down for me considerably. lb_group-closeup_05 Having said all that, Skybat does seem to show up much less than the other two chariot figures. For the rest, it’s difficult to say. I keep close tabs on the market and I honestly can’t think of any particular figure that has turned up for sale noticeably less than the others. To me it seems that popularity of the figure has as much to do with making a figure hard to obtain than anything.. lb_group-closeup_03 What are your favourite Foreign Beasts? Boxed Takara, Greek etc? For sure it’s the Japanese releases, if only because they include the full range of Laser Beasts; I also love the packaging. Bootlegs are great too though, so I’m a pretty big fan of the plastic mono Mexican BB’s. bb_KO-mexican_01 And whats your favourite packaging? I like the open-window style and card-style illustrations of the Shield Battler 6 set, but the artwork on the BB vs. LB set is so fun. I have to go with that one. bb_boxes-group_03 Do you focus collect any characters? I like the lizards and cephalopods and did some low-level army building of those a while back but nothing huge. I’ve used a lot of those figures as customs I’ve commissioned to ersico. You are also a fan of BB and LB photography. When did you decide to start snapping them? I guess I technically took photos of them when I was younger, but disposable cameras aren’t great so nothing ever came out in focus. But when I started re-collecting again in 2012 I already owned a full kit of DSLR equipment so I was more prepared. I’ve been into photography for about 15 years now so I guess it was bound to happen eventually. lb_group-full_01 Have you ever been over to Japan and plucked Beasts off the shelves? I have family in Japan so I’ve been twice and visited a good share of toy and gachapon stores, but unfortunately never came across any Beasts anywhere. Both trips were before I began actively collecting again so I’m hoping with a little more effort (and knowledge of the Mandarake stores) I’ll be able to turn something up on my next trip. lb_cards_01 The closest to that experience I’ve had was last year when I was shopping for some Beast Saga stuff on Amazon JP and Grin Reefer, Scope Cougar, and Jeerer Monkey all popped up in the ‘related items’ panel. All NM and complete; I thought I was dreaming! lb_group-closeup_04 Have you ever been involved in any custom projects? A few years ago I worked with a fellow LRG member (Coelacanth) to develop some custom shields for the lower-12 Laser Beasts. We used custom LEGO shields sourced from a factory in Taiwan and Coelacanth designed unique decals for each of the beasts. It was a really fun project to work on, and was pretty well received by the community despite coming out just before tokyonever’s perfect reproductions. We stopped making them a while ago, but it’s still cool knowing that there are a handful of collectors out there displaying our shields in their collections. lb_group-mid-12 What are your Top 5 favourite BB? Both these lists are in no particular order. It was hard enough to narrow it down to just five! •Frilled Lizard •Chameleon •Iguana •Cuttlefish •Octopus lb_group-upper-12 And top 5 favourite LB? •Sea Panic •Puzzlecolor •Fight Horn •Fly Sailor •Glen cats



Interview #3 – Steve (White Leo) Borders


Something a little bit different if you like.

As White Leo is not just a collector but  very involved with making things in our community easier to understand By …..Well basically spending time translating everything from Japanese,Greek and whatever else into English and redesigning cards and art to fit in with the translations. He is also a bit of an artist himself designing maps and all manner of stuff  And has an Interest in Customising I actually own one of his customs. (you can find more over in the media section).

Artists of the bb stuff – Psycrowe and Scumdogg

First up, do you want to introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from etc? Hello fellow BB collectors. My name is Steve Borders aka WhiteLeo. I am from Spokane, Wa. I currently live in Virginia and I am serving our great country in the United States Army. 


Ok, so… Battle Beasts- when did you first discover them?


I discovered Battle Beasts when they came out. I was in 86 on my 7th birthday when I got one from my uncle as a gift. Do you remember much about different stores that stocked them in your area?  IMG_0025 I remember that you could get them at K-mart back then. That was our main place to go for shopping. How complete was your childhood collection? IMG_3801 It is funny but at the time I didn’t know how many their where. I didn’t even know they had names. I only had about 20 or so of them back then. Did you ever take your beasts outside or away with you? killerfishlineart As a kid I took them everywhere. I even lost Rowdy Rooster in the snow and had to wait for it to melt before I could find him again. Nowadays, they just sit on my shelf as a memento.  What are some of your fondest Beast memories? woodbeetle2 Some of my fondest memories of them are playing with my brother and cousins. My cousins had some third series we only had the first and second. I remember seeing Crusty Crab for the first time. I thought it was the coolest figure and wondered what other ones there where.  We also used to build Lego cells for our Beasts and have the Ninja Turtles free them. Granted I had the Wood Beetle Base but after losing some of the pieces we had to resort to other means of playing with them. Now real talk- when and why did you start recollecting BB? woodbeetleback I started collecting BB’s in 2000. Shortly after I got married. I bought a MOC Camel/Owl on Ebay. After snagging that I found a forum ran by Jkaris called I joined up right away only to learn that these figures had names and stories behind them. I was hooked from then on. I had a huge collection but after the birth of my third daughter I sold a huge chuck and mainly focus on translating the cards to find out their stories. Do you still have any original BB from your childhood? snakebomblineart Sadly, I do not. I gave them all to my younger cousins to play with as I did not need them anymore.  What does your collection look like at present? IMG_3803 My collection is small in comparison to a lot of my fellow older collectors. I haven’t been focusing on it as much. I have a few other collections that have gotten my attention. I still have a modest collection with a few treasures. How did you decide how you wanted to display your collection? IMG_3802 I always look for a self that I can fit my collection on. Nothing fancy just something to show off what I collect. I don’t like loose figures as I am a MOC/MIB collector. How did you collect? Did you buy in bulk or like just pick up BB here and there? IMG_3798-2 I pick up my figures here and there. When I see a good deal I usually jump at the chance to get them. When I started collecting you could pick up a MIB figure for about $20. They have gone up since then. When did you decide to also collect LB? Was it just pretty much after you were done with BB 1 – 3?


I haven’t really collected the LB’s. I have one MIB Blue Eagle. I like them a lot but they are getting harder to find MIB and more expensive.  What are some of your rare pieces or grail pieces in your collection? IMG_0024 The Japanese Tiger Hunter is one of my favorites. I also enjoy my Custom Windy City Cub battle beast done by Koppenschevelle an awesome artist and great friend. Who were the some of the hardest to track down? Greekpage1 The hardest was Clear Carp for me. I got him in a deal I did a long time ago. But unfortunately I had to sell him to some financial obligations. I am still kicking myself for that one. But I needed the money and off he went. What are your favourite Foreign Beasts? Boxed Takara, Greek etc? greekpage2 I have to say I love the Japanese Boxes. They came with so much more than the American packaging. I mean you got the booklet, card, weapon and figure. Not only the booklet had the story of the BB’s how cool is that. Do you focus collect any characters? watertuna2 I did at one time focus on Pirate Lion since he is my favorite. But sold all of my loose ones.  are you also a fan of BB and LB photography?  watertunaback I don’t really take pictures of BB’s and LB’s but I do digital art work. Either in translating the cards to English from Japanese or from the LB Book itself. Although it is a very long process and it takes a lot of time and effort to translate and edit the images.


Have you ever been over to Japan and plucked Beasts off the shelves? I got the chance to in the summer and it was epic to see BB and LB in the wild.


I have been to 13 different countries but not Japan. It is not out the possibilities to go to Japan though. Trust me when I do, I am doing some hunting. 

What are your Top 5 favourite BB?

I have to say in this order. Pirate Lion Major Moose Crusty Crab Rowdy Rooster Pillager Pig

And top 5 favourite LB?

Blue Eagle Rainbow Sam Skull Grotess Tiger Burn Sawtooth Shark

Adam Goode –  LRG Member – Draznar.

My name is Adam, I was born in and still live in Canada. I apologize a lot and put syrup on everything. Just kidding. (Maybe.) I was born at the very tail end of the 80’s, so I grew up as a product of the mid-to-late 90’s and early 00’s. The first toy I ever bought for myself was an Admiral Ackbar from the Power of the Force line. A lot of PotF Star Wars and Beast Wars comprised a significant portion of my childhood collecting.


Unlike a large portion of the collectors for Battle Beasts, I never had any as a kid. In fact, I didn’t even know they existed until 2012! My local comic/toy shop does a lot of buying/trading, and they managed to get a small lot of them in at one point. I was immediately enamoured and bought a couple of the sculpts I thought were the best. I, obviously, discovered how many there were and it’s been downhill ever since.

I couldn’t tell you anything about finding them locally in the wild back in the day. I wasn’t born, and the only cousins I have that are older than me, are considerably older than me and were far too outgrown for toys by the time the Battle Beasts hit shelves.

The best part about Battle Beasts for me was getting the packages in the mail and opening them with my oldest daughter. She was always excited to see what new “guys” Dad would get. (They were all just “guys” to her.) I would give her doubles or beat up figures and she absolutely loved playing with them.


My collection is currently looking pretty good, especially considering I haven’t bought anything to add to it for around a year or so. I’ve got the complete first full three series, minus 3 variants. I also own a majority of the lower 12 Lasers, as well as a single War Monster, (the bull), and some other wonderful bootlegs. I’ve got the three chariots and the wood beetle base, but I sadly don’t have anywhere to display them currently, and so they’re in storage.
My wife has always complained about my figures taking up too much real estate around the house, and so I’ve always tried finding ways to keep them displayed nicely without taking up too much room. There is a LEGO vendor at my local flea market, and he sells these beautiful plexi-glass cases for LEGO minifigures for $30 a pop. When I realized that beasts could fit inside, I was instantly sold. They look pretty great on the wall beside my framed poster, and each case will comfortably fit series 1 – 4 and extras. I do need one of his smaller cases for my customs though!

I collect/collected as I went. If I found stuff I needed I bought it. I was never one of those guys who bought lots on eBay for the sake of getting a couple of figures. It seemed wasteful and being so late to the game it would’ve been more trouble than it was worth to flip the extra figures. The only time I bought lots were when I needed a majority of the items in the lot.

I got my first Laser in a trade, it was a Tiger Burn and I loved him immediately. Due to their price and me being a bit of a cheap ass, I still haven’t finished the lower 12. So far I’ve managed to get really good deals by waiting for them. There was never a specific plan outside of “not paying that much” for the Laser Beasts.

I’ve got a few grail pieces, actually! I have the War Monster bull in immaculate shape with his rub, (no weapon), that I got for $15 CAD shipped. I also have a few other knock offs and every single one of my customs are cherished beasts. My rarest item is either my War Monster or my Canadian version of the Battle Beasts poster, (English/French languages on it).

The hardest beasts for me to track down are the ones I am still missing: Short ear Rabbit, Unpainted sideburns porcupine and unpainted teeth mouse. I blame it on being in Canada that I don’t frequently find Battle Beasts.


My favourite “foreign” beasts is a 2-way tie between Mexican Battle Beasts and those delightful Russian ones.

I don’t have a favourite packaging. It’s all the same thing to me!

I’ve never even been outside of Canada! It would be nice to go to Japan, among other places, but I don’t see it ever happening for me for many reasons
Top five Battle Beasts: Cutthroat Cuttlefish, Triple Threat Snake, Killer Carp, Leapin’ Lizard, Sloth

Top Five Laser Beasts: I’m going to base this off of the lower 12, as they’re likely the only ones I’ll ever own! Zariganian, Spark Shark, Shool, Ground Wolf and Tiger Burn.
Thanks for having me and taking the time to read through this! It’s been an absolute pleasure!