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Jay AKA ConPHuSioN

I’ve been collecting pretty much all my life. I do believe there is a point in time where it turns from play to actual collecting and I’m not sure where this morph happens. I’m thinking this change happens somewhere during the teens to 20’s. Mine happened early in my 20’s after the rush of girls wore down.

Everyone of us had a childhood. Everyone of us has fond memories of growing up. We had Saturday Morning Cartoons, After School Cartoons, Christmas’ with showers of awesomeness, birthday’s with tons of classic figures. One of my fondest memories was BATTLE BEASTS! Animals with weapons and armor that fit in your pocket?!?!?! Simply an imagination explosion! We were only able to hold on to one Beast from childhood (special thanks to my little brother!)

Now collecting BB’s has turned almost into an art form. I have completed the 76 Beasts and variants as well as playlets and chariots. It never stops and I am constantly making connections to better the collection and knowledge. I have met many BB community members that have the same passion that i did and still do. I have connected with people from the Netherlands, UK and Canada just to name a few. Which brings me to where I met Ed. We met via Instagram where I started @officialbattlebeastsofig. We both share this passion for Beasts and wanted to share it with the world and make our mark.


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