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The Definitive Beastformers Collection.



On Planet Beast the Rabbit Kid was known as the communications combatant of White Leo and with the years passing the Battle to protect and preserve the line via communication and archiving becomes more and more important so that´s the main focus of the contemporary version of the Rabbit Kid; White Rabbit. This elusive and mysterious Rabbit, who´s operating under the Beastformers name, shares and spreads information, background stories, historical details and photos related to the Battle Beasts line in public via LittleRubberGuys  http://www.Littlerubberguys.com and the Beastformers Blog  https://beastformers.wordpress.com in order to keep the line alive and to make sure it wont be forgotten but personal or private details are rarely shared…. BUT for this one time and exclusively for the Collectors Limelight series the White Rabbit speaks;

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Rise of the Beasts

Jon Karis over at @littlerubberguys is killin it with these #RiseoftheBeasts figures. Locking interchangeable body parts. Multiple variations. A second series with an ant and a pirate lion doppelgänger. These are some of the greatest takes on the glorious line that is Battle Beasts. Keep at it and never stop. 🌊🌲🔥👊